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Latest News

Buses for Oaks Estate!

The ACT Govt has just announced three new loop services to Queanbeyan starting on Monday 25 July 2016. OEPA welcomes the new services, won after much lobbying and hard work from committee members and Bob our local Action bus driver. Thanks Bob!

Our work with TAMS on a direct to ACT school bus service is also going well, and we hope we can have this in place by next year.

Latest media: Oaks Estate welcomes major shift in government attitude to forgotten suburb


The OEPA has just celebrated 90 years of asking for a direct bus to our central business district of Civic. That's right folks, our request for a bus has been ignored for so long that in itself, it deserves being on the heritage register. In the meantime, in order to travel inwards to Civic, you first have to travel outwards to Queanbeyan across the border. Stupid? Yes. Unfair? Certainly. But here's how you do it:

Our bus service is provided by QCity under MOU from the ACT Govt. Check their website for up to date timetables.

Loop service to Queanbeyan at 7.54am, 8.39am, 9.20am, 10.50am, 1.20 pm, 4.24pm. Qbn interchange has buses to/from Woden and Civic. A full round trip takes 1hr - 1hr 20 minutes. Note: earliest service gets you to Woden/Civic around 9am, so no use for anyone who starts work earlier. To catch the only afternoon bus you must depart Woden/Civic around 3pm. Basically this service works for school kids only.

Your other option is to walk to Uriarra Road in Qbn: Qcity Transit Timetable Info. 

For everyone: The Oaks Estate Cash Fare to Canberra

Any resident of Oaks Estate can buy a low-cost one-way ticket to Woden or Civic, travel via QCity Transit and then, if necessary, transfer onto an ACTION bus, all on the one ticket . This is the Oaks Estate one-way cash fare, (Hints: Not all bus drivers will necessarily be aware of this option, which is programmed into the Qcity ticketing system as a one-way ticket only. And if you plan to travel on an ACTION bus, you might want to print the ACTION information leaflet...)

Three options for students travelling to/from an ACT school or college

  • Students who live in Oaks Estate and don’t need a term pass can pay the one-way Oaks Estate cash fare (see above).
  • Alternatively, Qcity Transit sells Term Passes to cover the trip to and from Oaks Estate to an ACT school or college Monday to Friday during ACT school terms. Fill out the Oaks Estate form (This link will take you to the ACTION website. Scroll down the page to find the form.) and buy your term pass from QCity Transit.

Other info for locals

What's on in Queanbeyan?

Two tour maps of Oaks Estate, with historical information. "Urban" is an easy walking tour, the "Rural" tour is longer.

When do the bins go out? Garbage bins for houses in Oaks Estate are emptied every Friday, recycling bins are emptied (usually early, not long after 7am) on BLUE Fridays in the recycling calendar.

For more information, or if your bin wasn't collected, contact the contractors, SITA, on 62601547.

Train times to Sydney: There is a service at 6.52 am and another at 12.04 pm each day. There is also an evening service on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at 5.12pm.

The trip takes a little over 4 hours. The return trains leave Sydney (Central Station) at 6.58am and 12.05pm each day, and 6.11 pm on Mon, Wed, Fri and Sun.

You can book at the station 8.45am to 2pm weekdays, or to 12.30pm on Saturdays (note: the people who keep the station open are members of the Railway Historical Society, not State Rail employees. Please be nice to them...) , or here: NSW railway service

Steam Trains etc. These historic services are run by the Railway Historical Society

Queanbeyan Landcare: What are they up to? Find out....

OEPA encourages people to get involved with landcare. It supports the work of Queanbeyan Landcare, an active and diverse group. Queanbeyan Landcare maintains the grounds at the front of the railway station, for instance. One of its more long-term projects is weed control at Buttles Creek, which flows from behind Spotlight and into the Queanbeyan River just downstream from the town.