Oaks Estate is one of three ACT villages (with Hall and Tharwa) and was originally founded in 1836 as The Oaks homestead, which is still standing. Oaks Estate is located within the ACT near the Queanbeyan train station, with strong historical links to both Queanbeyan and Canberra.

The Oaks Estate Progress Association (OEPA) is Canberra's oldest resident group, and was formed in March 1926 to fight for municipal services for the community - notably sewage, plumbed water and buses.

The OEPA meets regularly at the community hall and residents and other interested parties are welcome to attend. See the meeting page for the schedule. The OEPA has lots of opportunities for volunteers to assist in building the community spirit. 

Membership is open to all residents of Oaks Estate 16 years and over.

Latest News

Buses for Oaks Estate!

The ACT Govt has just announced three new loop services to Queanbeyan starting on Monday 25 July 2016. OEPA welcomes the new services, won after much lobbying and hard work from committee members and Bob our local Action bus driver. Thanks Bob! 

Our work with TAMS on a direct to ACT school bus service is also going well, and we hope we can have this in place by next year.

Latest media: Oaks Estate welcomes major shift in government attitude to forgotten suburb